Thursday, April 25, 2013

New addition to the family!

I have talked a great deal about my mobility issue in other posts. I have always known that there is a way to view the world without hiking or jogging or just walking! Since I live in the country and hear the creak at the bottom of our hill just behind our house, of course I want to go out there and watch the seasons pass. I have not been able to do that for over fifteen years.

Guests who come to visit usually go on hikes or long walks simply because our environment lends itself to that. It is so beautiful out there. Now, I am not particularly curious about nature but I do have an interest in the way things work. Sometimes certain trees "decide" that the timing is not right to proceed with blossoms or certain fruit trees that don't produce fruit on time. Robins come out and mate and play at the beginning of spring, just to let everyone know that it is time to welcome the new season. The grass amazes me. Sometimes overnight the shade changes and grass emerges after long winters of hardship and cold.

We always have a ramp dinner with fresh homemade pasta and herbs just peeking out of the ground every spring. We are getting ready for that now. We have collected loads of duck, bantam and goose eggs to make the pasta. Now all we hope for is nice weather. Our grass is green and the trees are slowly leafing out and the bugs have stayed away so far. But I am sure not for long!

Anyway, the reason I am describing all this to you is because now I can participate! We just bought a new Kubota buggy that goes over almost any terrain. I have gone into the woods, up the mountain and seen where the ramps come from. These are onion like foods with long leafy greens. Blanched and in boiling water for a few seconds and drizzled with balsamic vinegar to have with a pasta primavera make such a fresh welcome to spring. I can literally go places I never could before. This little buggy is four wheel drive and has seat belts, two speeds and very rugged tires. It seats two so I can take a friend along and show them our surroundings.

The best part is that I can drive it like my own car. The accelerator is a right foot pedal (my unaffected leg). The hand controls are easy to manage. It is a friendly vehicle and very stable and steady. Of course I have read the safety manual and practiced on many terrains.

Through the creak and beyond
I am so happy to enjoy life again! What a great way to welcome spring! I am so happy I could cry but I won't do that.
My new found freedom