Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An Introduction

    Hi, it has taken me three years to set up a blog! The reason is that I always fancied myself a writer and not a blogger until someone "picked" me up and I was in a blog myself. I thought that was sort of cool and whether or not I was ready, my message and I were both in the world.

     So here I am in a blog: http://intelligentguidetoms.wordpress.com/?p=1515&preview=true This was an awakening for me. 

     I have so many messages and stories that I have collected over two, almost three decades with MS. Some of the stories are funny, others sad but they all have a message. It is important that I talk about some of them because it is through hearing from others that I will learn more about others and myself.

     I guess one could consider this a diary, more like my stories -- everyday stories and of course the all important eating for MS. I must have done something right because I have remained well for four years and over this time find the need to engage in the world again. I would like to share these stories, my little daily routine and what it means to find one's own "normal".

     I will do my best to keep writing, it certainly gives me purpose because now I am ready!


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PL Novak said...

Mona -- congratulations on the launch of your blog! I know you have much to share -- wisdom gained from experiences both good and not so good. I'm looking forward to watching this grow!