Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Metabolic theory makes too much sense!

Fortunately for me, blogging does not have an agenda. I had to go food shopping today which requires an early morning departure, lots of inner speak regarding energy, to use a mobility scooter or not etc...

So, here I am after putting food away, folding up bags and gathering myself. A little tired but fortunately it is not a hot day, in the 70's and gorgeous. I always feel so accomplished after making the shopping journey!

I am not sure where people really stand on the metabolic theory and MS. I know...I know we have heard enough about a lot without any real solutions. Pharma road has meant toxicity and people losing their lives over medication with huge promises. I was one of those people back in 1986 when I was first diagnosed. What did I know? Something was wrong and I needed it fixed so I could go on with my life. No options.

MS always means more questions than answers. Why more women than men? Now of course, it is all over the world so the whole thing about it being more in the northern hemisphere than the southern is ridiculous. People everywhere are getting this including kids. So we know it is in the gene pool. But why...why...why??

Here is the latest from Angelique Corthals, and a brief bio about her:

Multiple Sclerosis is Not a Disease of the Immune System

By Angelique P. Corthals
The Quarterly Review of Biology
Vol. 86, No. 4 (December 2011), pp. 287-321

This researcher and professor sheds a very different light on MS. With her research, most of the questions not answered by the immune theory are answered here:

I changed my diet a few years ago and have been well for four, almost five years. I am still finding out things such as sugar may be more of a problem than I realized. No known medication typically keeps someone with MS feeling well without horrible side effects and injection pains.

Please pass the word on this -- this is ground breaking news that we have been waiting for. In my life time there may be some treatments but for now, I am very happy living a healthy life style! Hippocrates would be so proud!!

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