Friday, August 17, 2012

Funding the WalkAide

It's a grayish morning, perfect for contemplating whether I just dreamed my wonderful breakfast or I really ate it. We had fresh spinach from the garden and eggs. Fulfilling to say the least and healthy at best! The eggs were cooked on top of the spinach so the end result was a beautiful combination of the two. Not a Swank recipe but very Swank in all other ways. Just make sure to use oil and not butter and mind that the yolk has about 5gm of fat.

Ah, all is well and I told you that I would let you know how I funded the WalkAide and how I use this expensive "tool".

The cost according to the folks I dealt with came to approximately $4,799.00. Now that's a lot for anyone. Many of us live on fixed incomes and if you're like me, there is no real savings. So, off I went on a hunt. My first stop was the MS Society. Come on folks, they are in place to help us. Fortunately, I had a contact person who was very easily available by email. I started my dialogue, she sent me the standard financial form, I filled it out and long story was that the Society gave me $2,000. Then she helped me target some charities. I filled out more forms -- some of which got lost but nonetheless, I came away with close to $500.00. I will tell you, I got a little tired of paperwork. One thing I should mention is that most insurance companies don't cover it but keep checking back because that is changing.

Other folks wanted to help me but I held them at bay. The one person who refused to listen was my best friend from college. Before I told her to back off, she sent me a check in the remaining amount. So, essentially I got half the funds through NMSS and charities and the rest privately.

One thing the WalkAide people do is let you try out the device for a couple of weeks at no charge. This is when I gathered up the funds as I made the decision to get the device as I watched my circulation return.

My WalkAide

That's the story there. The little black mark in the picture right above the unit was so that I could learn to line up the unit to get the right reaction from the nerve. I got used to the placement quite soon and easily.

I put it on first thing in the morning, walk around my driveway, porch, look at my garden, check the mail and then take it off for the rest of the day. Sometimes, but only occasionally I wear it when I go out in the evening. With some clothes you don't want to wear a brace, even if it's small.

Hope this was helpful. Let me know!

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