Friday, September 14, 2012

Just Another Day!

Today started out strange. Let me explain what I mean. I had a great night's sleep, that was not the problem. I got too tired a little too quickly. Not hard to do when you have something like MS, trust me. For one reason or another, there is a great deal of physical fatigue that goes along with every other kind of fatigue. That is why occupational therapists teach energy conversation strategies. I went to OT school, I know, plus I live it. 

Looking back on what I did and what  I could change if I had my wits about me:  I thought it was going to be cooler than it was. So, I was dressed too warm, huge Heat for some reason is very destructive for most of us. So, I did some activities that I probably should not have when I was too hot. I swept, yes with a broom the kitchen and a hallway. Then I took my little basket of delicates down stairs to the laundry. More activity when I was too warm. I even used my cricket to go outside for a little while, even that felt like a struggle? Ooof, I have since changed my clothes, opened windows and am under my own orders to sit down -- and here I am.

My "gateway"
Every one blogs about nature, right? I am not blogging about it -- I just took a couple of pictures which I thought might be of interest. This is not the first time I have looked at this spot. I look at it several times a day and actually ride my cricket through it. It enters onto the field behind the house. Nature sort of formed a canopy of apple trees. Surrounding this are a group of day lilies which bloom in the summer and add to the magic of the gateway. In that grouping there are also blackberries and other berries that the birds know better than I do. I noticed two things in my ride this morning. One, the leaves are turning.....after all it is September 14th! and second, I am not an "overly" nature person, but I do have spots that I like. Below is another one: my shade apple tree for dog days of summer.

My "shade" tree
On beastly hot days I come here on my cricket with my kindle and just read. All I hear are sounds of nature. Wow, that sounded poetic! It is just utopia, and honestly getting overheated early can be remedied, I can find ways to cool down and maybe not walk to the mailbox today, cricket instead. It is blissful being able to escape the humidity everywhere else but under this tree. It really is quite amazing that little bit of shade is like air conditioning outside!

If you keep going on a straight path under that tree, there is another vegetable garden in addition to the one behind the tree. And beyond that, is a natural spring which feeds the house.
My phlox

The last picture I saved was of my phlox-- so happy and add such a delight when I pull into the driveway. Nice and white with a little bit of pink -- makes everything else look so nice. I have some other pictures but no need. There are so many lovely pictures out there that people take and have profound thoughts about. I just have my spots that I can view easily and feel great about.  I really wish the ground was a little more even or that I could walk better. But you know what? I am fortunate in so many ways that walking is just over rated! Cricketing is definitely more fun!

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