Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nobody is perfect

Today I sat down with so many thoughts on my mind. I am troubled by the political situation today and how the 47% are all lumped together regardless of why they are where they are. Of course I have things to say but have resigned myself to the fact that certain things in my life will probably never change. Why? why? why? did things change the way they did is of course a puzzle for so many of us with chronic conditions. 

When I feel threatened or annoyed at someone insensitive (thank god there are not so many of them), I tend to go into my own mind about the times when things were "different". But the amount of work we have to do just to get on and feel positive in our own minds and environments is a real challenge. So, you have the challenge itself, the stages and phases, dealing with this debacle with new stages, being a nice person, working hard at whatever it is you do, fighting social stigma, dealing with healthcare issues, and just LIVE. Then you hear certain politicians who feel the need to separate us from success. I would not say someone like Dr. Steven Hawkings is not a success! Come on. Right now I feel that this political game has become a "survival of the fittest", rich and poor divide that I am having trouble tolerating.

I certainly hope that society doesn't feel the same way. There are so many of us on this planet that of course we can't all agree. One of the candidates wife has MS. Now there is a show stopper as she was during the convention, walking around all glam sham in shoes that I could only dream of wearing! How will she affect the political landscape? She, whether or not she likes it, is one of us. 

Where am I going with all this? I strongly feel that certain people who do not walk in the shoes of those with challenges do not need to pontificate and be so demeaning. I also understand that many many people "play" the system. I cannot elaborate because I tend to look away when I notice this happening with welfare fraud etc. but they should not be lumped in with the rest of us who did not ask for certain challenges not of our own making. 

Last night we were watching "Wallander," a Masterpiece Mystery and commenting on how dark Sweden and the Swedes are -- of course this is just our interpretation. Then I started thinking back to a previous life in graduate school and negotiating the Minneapolis airport. Interestingly, so many people in Minnesota are of Nordic stock. Aside from one of my trips down memory lane that I mentioned above when things were "different" with my physicality, I wonder if I saw more then because I was more mobile? Do I just rely on what my memory has in stock for the numerous occasions when I need to pull information out? Oh, I don't know. Now I've shot out on a tangent.

What I'm trying to say through all this, is that yes some of us might be lumped in to that 47% of people who are not perfect (for lack of another word) yet our lives are richer in ways that some people do not understand. We have had to make our lives -- sometimes all over again just so we can cope.

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