Friday, September 21, 2012

Small Town Wonder

This morning was a treat, to say the least. It was my day to go into town, Worcester, NY, an absolutely charming town. Even though I am not involved in town anything, board, library etc. I have never felt more at home anywhere. Worcester is doing quite well in every way that a small town could. It has one local market, two real estate agents, The Worcester White House Inn with dining and lodging, a library (which also shows movies), a hardware store, a seamstress -- all on the main drag. It is precious, really. This morning I had to go to the market and then the seamstress to pick up my jeans that she had altered. I did not think to take my camera but will take some pictures tomorrow when I go in to see a friend. 

I forgot to mention that there are also two handicapped parking spots on Main Street. Thank goodness for that. Without them I would have difficulty getting around as easily as I do. The market has parking in back of the building and a ramp. Not in the best shape but I can manage. So, this is where I began my excursion. I exited my car to find the butcher and owner of the market on the back stoop taking a break. I was greeted as we exchanged how lovely Autumn in Worcester is! It is nice to be un-pressured as I walked through the store with a little cart and my back pack which helps with carrying bags back to the car. Free arms is what it is about!

More chatter inside, fun as I didn't realize how the butcher was very aware of what  I loved -- sundried tomato chicken sausages. I piled my little cart with things I needed to stock up on. I also got my sausages. The owner Bill, offered to help me with the bags but fortunately he had to carry only one. 

Well that just affirmed my reason for loving it here. My next stop was Elke, the seamstress. She is German and a hoot! Her workshop looks like a mad tailor's shop but organized chaos at best. I had called a few days ago letting her know that I had something to pick up and have learned as she tells me "I am not good at calling people!" I sat in a chair just to catchup as she showed me pictures of when she was younger and not "fat" as she puts it. I don't think fat but she is definitely built like a German! "I love to eat" she says unabashedly. Of course she was completely stunning in her younger years but she still is. I paid her and got prepared to leave for my little walk back to the car. She always shows so much concern for my welfare and always says I have so much "spirit."

I had to sit down once again as Elke started telling me one of her stories. This time she talked about moving up here from Long Island and just loving the property that she and her husband own. She walks about three miles a day with her dog and calls the great outdoors "her church." We then talked about health, medicine and life. She is not a fan of medicine even though her cholesterol is on the higher side. Then the phone rang as I heard a frustrated wife dealing with her frustrating "Italian" husband. I rested my legs a little longer because I had to walk back to my car.

What a  delightful morning. Most people wouldn't call this doing much but to me it meant the world.

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