Friday, October 26, 2012

Magical morning!

I am never awake before 7:30 or so. Today was the most amazing morning I've had in a long time. Since I have asthma and am frequently woken out of a deep slumber during which time I usually try to figure out how to somehow get back to sleep, I never see the dawn! But this morning was an exception.

I went through the usual coughing and restlessness which frustrates me and of course David. But today, I must have gotten enough sleep during the night that I threw off my covers around 5:30 and announced that I was getting out of bed. Such uncharacteristic behavior! David must have thought he was still dreaming. I stumbled my way into my study, checked my email, put on my brace, changed my clothes and headed downstairs. I made coffee and while it brewed, I grabbed my cane, hat and a jacket and YES, went outside. It was barely light outside and the birds were not their usual noisy. They must have been shocked to see me! We have a new driveway, all even without dips and potholes so I knew I was safe.

What made me do this you ask? Not sure except to say that I must be feeling well to embark on this adventure. I went up the new driveway and then carefully on to the road. Our early neighbors hadn't left for work yet and I knew as the light came up, I was safe on the road.

Cracks in the road
While I walked, not far but enough to get my heart pumping, I of course thought of all the ways to improve my walking. But then I focused myself on walking safely, which is why I wore my brace and not the WalkAide. The actual road can be tricky in spots and I would just save the WalkAide to exercise my leg on the driveway. It would be so nice to just walk without thinking but anyone in my position or long term MS can understand what I mean. Foot drop is essentially a paralyzed foot waiting for "brain orders" to lift the foot -- which does not happen, so however one puts that foot on that uneven surface, it better be secure enough to not sprain or "roll". And this whole road goes uphill. Yikes! Well I got over that impediment and proceeded up the road to the first set of trees on the left. In spite of all the safety issues, I enjoyed the quiet time. And I actually relaxed -- I mean really calmed down. That itself was worth the adventure. For someone with mobility issues, this is a nightmare but I am here to tell you that should never stop you from getting a good walk in. Be careful and watch your steps but do try, you will be glad you did.

More cracks....

Yesterday I went to my doctor and she asked if I exercise -- never an easy question to answer! Yes, but not the way you do is what I should have said but I told her I do housework, laundry etc. and of course climb stairs at least 10-15 times a day. Would you consider that exercise? Considering the effort involved when you are trying to "maintain" yourself and the task at hand, of course! I don't go to the gym or ride a stationary bike, I don't have to. My day is productive, especially today since I walked in the wee hours when others were not quite out and about, it gave me such a sense of accomplishment. These are my accomplishments, no one else's.

But one thing, if you decide to make your own exercise schedule, make sure you rest in between. If for no other reason, it will give you more energy to do more! Plus not bring you to the point of total fatigue, which is not what this is about, it is about vigor, pride, endurance, strength and of course, accomplishment. And when no one else is stirring it is only you and it is magical.

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