Monday, October 15, 2012

Round and round we go....

Sometimes I get tired of reading things related to MS. Why and how people end up with this intricate non balance created by a combination of genetic and environmental factors, we continue to puzzle over. We continue to puzzle over new things published, old things published, keeping our sources respectable, etc. but nonetheless do we ever arrive at a point where things seem believable or even manageable?

Should we just stick to whatever works for us and live our lives? Deal with symptoms that continue to plague, make it impossible for me to join the workforce? But knowing this, I just get on with a way that works for me. That seems like a reasonable approach until inquiring minds need to go just a little further. Why not leave well enough alone? For example, my mind has embraced the metabolic theory and how food affects my MS. When I read Dr. Swank/ Dr. Jelinek's explanations and discoveries, I stuck with that. It sort of nicely aligns itself with a metabolic way of thinking.

 Back to inquiring minds -- then I just saw this:

Here we are, back to diet. I need to stick with this way of thinking and not get frustrated with other scientific explanations of one kind and another. Sometimes I really wonder if these medical grants are useful to scientists because I see them just going in spirals. Some theories have really stuck and the same reasons given over and over again about how the northern latitudes have more MS than the southern. But know what? that is all changing. So stop saying the same thing over and over. Back in the 1940's Dr. Swank in his much ignored research, explained the cause for this distribution of MS in the world. So enough of all that.

The Science Daily article  (the link above) goes into the flora and fauna of the gut. So now MS is triggered by intestinal flora? Not just any intestinal fora -- "intact" intestinal flora.

First I thought this was the spiraling scientist but then it occurred to me that persons with MS do not have intact gut flora which may be why we cannot eat like everyone else and are always prone to some type of allergy. So, the gut flora probably only responds to a particular type of diet? This is me thinking.

Maybe that is why we respond better to a low fat type diet, no diary etc. According to that article, the intact flora started activating all sorts of immune reactions. But mice without the intact flora did not have these reactions!I wonder if that's why Montel Williams juices all his meals -- in other words he keeps it all simple.

I have started thinking the same way. I do not eat anything processed because an "intact" intestine could probably deal with that and that is what I might be missing?

So, keep it simple, work with your system -- i.e. work with you and don't let life go by. You are living, just differently.

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