Wednesday, October 10, 2012

MS is beatable!

I took a few days off from my blog writing schedule and now I come back with the same message, a little more determined! What is my message you ask? That should come clear by the time I am done.

I am in a place that I did not think possible after 26 years of living with MS. No one has said but you can categorize me as someone with secondary progressive MS or SPMS. My neurologist ho's and hum's about what to call me. My EDSS (disability score) would of course point to SPMS. But other things don't always fit the profile and some most certainly do. For example, my friends are saying things like, "you seem better" or "cognitively you are definitely more on track" and "no one can tell if you were just sitting!". I really started listening to these comments and frankly, I will settle for just staying where I am! I could live my whole life like this.

Why are my friends saying all this? Because at one time things didn't look good for me. I was getting progressively disabled, my thinking skills were certainly not up to par, I could not listen and focus on a conversation -- you know all those things that one considers normal functioning -- were not functioning. And everything was getting worse.

One day I found Rebecca Hoover's blog and she featured a story on me:

All this started things rolling for me. Someone was actually listening to my story and what I had to say. You can beat your MS! Although things may never be what they once were but with lifestyle changes and ultra healthy living, as Rebecca calls it and so do I, you can control this mess. Wow, it takes some getting used to because you actually start to look and feel better.

This morning I logged onto Facebook like I usually do and saw that Rebecca mentioned my blog in her entry! I am just so thrilled and hope others will start listening to what we have to say. I follow the Swank/Jelinek way of thinking. Although Dr. Swank has passed on, Dr. Jelinek continues his path with newer modifications. God bless these men and their dedication to the cause. Dr. Jelinek of course walks in our shoes and has MS so he can add personal insight.

A very informative website is, This site is packed with evidence based information. There are healthy recipes, medication updates, other bloggers and a nice Q&A page.

For those of you that think it might not be possible to live again, I suggest you start there. Make a plan. Read what others are saying. Talk to your neurologist. Make some changes, specifically with your diet and supplements. The Overcoming MS site will begin to guide you. I don't think any of us have time to lose, start your change in thinking.

I feel like a salesperson! And believe me, I couldn't sell my way out of a bag! There is nothing in this world that I feel more strongly about.

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